User Experience Design
Sea Levels

Immersive & informative app designed to create a location based climate change augmented reality experience.

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Lead UX/UI Designer, Accessibility Design Lead, and Design Meeting Facilitator

‚ÄćHello there! ūüĎč I'm Adam, a Lead UX/UI Designer, accessibility design lead, and design meeting facilitator. I help businesses large and small answer critical questions through design, while building an accessible and scalable experience.

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UX/UI Design Case Studies


Take a look at some of my recent case studies that demonstrate my design process, where I identify the problem, diverge on ideas, prototype, and iterate.

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Laptop computer displaying spinset UI.


Accessible Design

Designing Accessible Experiences

I seek to understand both to design user-centered, inclusive and accessible products and services.

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Color chart showing AA and AAA color chips for accessibility.


Design Meeting Facilitation

Team + Topic = Results

Using a a five day process to define a topic, create a prototype, and test in an efficient group environment.

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A collaborative board showing A Design Sprint


Art Practice

A few of my passion projects

With a Master in Fine Arts, I love to explore different both contemporary art and historic art practices. Along with artistic processes, this is my portfolio for all of that.

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Hi there, I'm Adam.

Thanks for taking a look at my website. I'm glad you stopped in!
Make sure to look through my work, and drop me a message if you are interested in learning more.

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UX UI Design

UX/UI Design Case Studies

UX Research

Design Sprints



Farm to market app

Farm to market

Farm to Market is a not for profit project that is reaching out to farmers, giving them a cost effective and streamlined process that helps the farmer in all aspects of their newly created market store. From Store layouts, to sell sheets, to websites, the Farm to Market app is there to help.

Graffiti app design


Graffiti is a social app that brings awareness to the amazing art in our local communities. Graffiti utilizes gps based augmented reality technology and audience participation. As the user scans a piece of art, information appears, encouraging the them to explore more pieces by the same artist. The user then achieves badges for their successful exploration, furthering the fun and competitive nature of finding the next hidden gem of art.

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