About me:

Digital art, Design, Process and Data

Growing up in the 90's, I played a lot of Nintendo, mainly Super Mario Bros, on the original NES, with the old gray controllers with the red buttons. I remember the smooth and sturdy plastic, and the way the cupped buttons tapped in and sprung back after pressing them. As I saved the princess over and over, I didn't realize it at the time, but I was being exposed to digital Art, Design, Process, and Data. The more I saved the princess, the more I developed my process and came to love the way I could predict and plan out my next moves to make my pixelated journey even easier and quicker for each subsequent attempt.

Skip ahead nearly 30 years and I am still interested in digital art, design, process, and data. While in graduate school, I focused my art practice on interactive and participatory art. Utilizing a user-centric design process, I created objects and digitally augmented environments and encouraged my audience to experience their familiar surroundings in a new, unusual, and informative way. Users would tap on the wall with charcoal, use a mechanical crank to pull charcoal up the wall, and use their thumbprints to leave personal data of their presence at the gallery. Through this process, they created a unique design, recording their experience for all to see.

Translating my art practice into my current role as a Senior UX designer is not too difficult. With my passion for Digital art, design, process, and data, I feel right at home diving into qualitative and quantitative research, creating moderated and unmoderated user feedback sessions, leading Design Sprints, and leading a team of stakeholders as we identify problems and converge on solutions. With nearly 20 years of experience designing experiences, I would love to discuss any opportunities you have to increase the usability of your application.

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