Accessible Design

Group of designers ideating with post-its and a computer.

As a UX Accessibility Design Lead, I am an advocate for all users. Within my design practice, I work diligently to ensure that all users can experience my work successfully.

A typical day in my work life involves any or all of these activities: Design walkthroughs with other designers and researchers to highlight potential accessibility barriers and provide insights. Conducting training sessions for design, marketing & IT team members on accessibility topics and/or tools. Providing accessibility specification documents for UI designs, including ARIA specification, keyboard interactions, heading structure, etc. Hosting accessibility office hours to support designers, developers & content authors with new product development. Collaborating with the design system team to ensure the building blocks of our digital products follow accessibility standards. I'm also currently helping to create an company wide accessibility program within the organization. Broadly speaking, I've been involved in establishing a long-term strategy to scale accessibility efforts across the organization & engage with stakeholders to ensure compliance.

I have also been involved in defining an education/training plan for new UX team members, including junior designers and researchers new to the accessibility journey.

This AR VR project was the final prototype from a week long design sprint facilitated by an off-site design firm. We identified the user centered problem, created a prototype and tested with users all within a week. The outcome from this design sprint ended up flowing into the 360 spinset application, based on the feedback we received during the testing stage.

An example UI of a VR test completed during a design sprint.Back to portfolio

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